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As a a self-taught  NY to Georgia artist who has always loved art and the history behind it. I enjoy painting nature and animals in a mixture of the abstract and the real .  My favorite mediums are both  Oil and Acrylic and Modeling Paste for texture.  Sometimes if the mood strikes me even Watercolors. 
In between raising two wonderful children and a career in finance, I continued to delve into the right side of my brain by drawing, writing poetry or acting in our local community theater. But, then the fun really began as I started my full time adventure of blending beautiful colors onto a canvas.
I love what Maya Angelou once said  that “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have” because, my constant joy is when I am challenging myself while creating a painting and my hope is that I can travel the very exciting road to my creative side for many years to come.


** Come visit me at my studio .."TheTreehouse" at "Sis and Moon's" 24 Milton Avenue,  Alpharetta,  GA

email:  or DM me in Instagram at #cldrobesart