The Top of my World ©by Carole Drobes
To the top of the world to the top of the sky
The tip of your leaves reach so very high
How can I touch you?  My desire is quite strong.
Truly, I can’t even though for it I long.
For I cannot ride to your top on a fifty-foot beam
Or fly to your top like in some magical dream.
But instead, each day as I awake and stare at your glorious greens,
I shall be content to accept the gift of each unique leaf in-between
My beautiful Oak, My magnificent Tree.

Copyright 2013. CLDROBESArt. All Rights Reserved.

The Horse ©by Carole Drobes
Masterful yet gentle
Eyes so deep and soulful
He carries the heart of a warrior
She rode with the Philistines
But now, My head is nestled in her neck
And I feel safe
We ride together, my beautiful equine and I

C. l. Drobes_Art

White Lion ©by Carole Drobes
Beautiful White Lion with eyes of Tawny Gold
What makes you stare at me so intensely?  Can you see inside my very soul?
I see you in all your splendor, your starkness overwhelming, your rareness so divine.
Is your beauty one of the many accidents that fate consistently unfolds?
Or, are you the gift of nature that shows us the strength of being bold?
I believe you are here to remind us how light our hearts can be,
When we look into those eyes so bright, so beauteous Tawny Gold 


Peaceful Contemplations

©by Carole Drobes
As I stare into the waters of aquamarine blue;
I am mesmerized by the shades of each diverse hue.
I absorb the oceans quiet blues and deeply rooted greens;
And try to understand and ponder exactly what it all means.
I marvel at the ocean’s glories, at its beauty and many mysterious stories.
While the movement of the oceans brings me peaceful contemplations
I pray that man will see it flowing through all time and generations.


Bessie the Cow ©by Carole Drobes

OK here’s what you didn’t know about “Bessie the Cow”
“Funky Bessie” went for a walk
She saw the chicken but refused to talk
She met the goose and said, your just way too loose
She met the horse but said “Whoa!” you have too much force
She circled back then met a duck and had a chat with the little quack
When asked why in the world she would chat with that whack
She said OH, but nothing is better than a good “YACK WITH A QUACK”  


Great Blue Heron ©by Carole Drobes
Oh, Great Blue Heron
I watch you rise to lift off
As you spread your wings of grays and deep blue hues
I am mesmerized by your beauty.
I know that beauty comes with a price but I do not care, for you are nature’s creation.
So, I drown myself in your splendor, as I surrender to your glory.
Peaceful Heron ©by Carole Drobes
In the glow of the marshy waters stands the peaceful heron
Knowing that her watchful eyes will guide her through the night,
She waits for the moon to rise as she contemplates her flight,
She listens as she moves around the dark green silky weeds,
Restful and contented that she has all she really needs


Susie the Goat ©by Carole Drobes
Susie the Goat loved to chew and to gloat
So, at first she ate just her lunch
But, then she went on to eat all of her brunch.
She ate her tie and then her coat
But, then oh my, she even ate her neighbor’s boat.
But the tastiest morsel lie right out of her reach
A hat with flowers so yummy and sweet
A glorious meal and the best of all treats.
Susie ached for that hat more than you know
Enough that she forgot about everything else.
But the more she tried and the more she cried that darn hat
remained on her head from morning until she went to bed.
At night she dreamed of that pretty blue hat and how she would savor each little
piece of it’s sweet flavor.
As time went on she became quite obsessed
Till the day her friend, the big cow Bess, said to her let’s just relieve all that stress.
I found you “Miss Piggy’s” pretty pink dress
It’s full of more flowers than that silly old hat
And it’s got a lot more to munch so you’ll be happy with that
Why Susie was so happy and excited by that she forgot all about that silly blue hat.
So, you see my friends in life it’s just so
Distract me from this and I’ll surely be happy with that